Evolve your ICT’s

What are ICT’s?

With the growing rate of technology and its uses no wonder we get nervous about incorporating it. Within my professional experiences there have been numerous occasions where I have been asked to use a certain ‘new’ technology, but have had to learn on the spot. However the growing need of twenty-first learners is dependant on technologies that present information in new and exciting ways and make their learning experience fun, thereby increasing the face validity of their learning. As many technologies have become interactive it certainly grows interest and curiosity in the students, they love being able to be mini teachers and use interactive whiteboards for example to underline key words of paragraph or indicate changes in force and momentum on a basketball player (HPE class).

Therefore as a future educator in the twenty-first century classroom we must develop skills of ICT integration in order to enhance and transform teaching and learning!

There are many notable barriers that restrict knowing exactly how to effectively use ICT’s, however throughout the breadth of this course I look forward to finding out more about their effective integration.

I found this information interesting in the way is gives explicit examples and suggestions of ICT integration and how we as educators can make it a student centred experience to better their learning outcomes:  Teaching and learning with ICT


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