Why technology?

Hola! My name is Courtney Green, I am entering my third year of university with the specialisations in secondary schooling of Health and Physical Education and Visual Arts on campus at USQ in Toowoomba. I have always been an active and creative person who enjoys pushing boundaries and helping others. For those who know me they know I enjoy fitness and currently my hobby is obstacle racing. Since leaving school almost 4 years ago I have had the passion for learning new things and throwing myself into new experiences that in turn will encourage new growth in myself.I hope that my passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle will be present in my teaching and will endeavour to blossom children who are interested in looking after themselves and others.

Teaching has always been an interest to me as everyday will be different and as  a secondary teacher I’m looking forward to being influential to those I teach and helping them find their passion for their futures.

Within the first semester of 2016 I am undertaking the course EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy where I hope to become more familiar and grow my understanding and like for ICT technologies, in order to provide better opportunities for my future students learning. The focus of this course is to create and actively use a personal blog, I would appreciate it greatly if you followed 🙂 https://courtneyraegreen.wordpress.com/ . If we’re being honest my relationship with technology is  limited, but I look forward to expanding my knowledge with the help of the multiple conceptual models we are focusing on this semester.

–  My current relationship with technology


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