Determining problems with ICT links

What is the problem?

My link isn’t a link

I posted my introduction to the Introduction forum and included a link to my blog and a cartoon. But I can’t click on them at all. Why?

  1. Reveal student preconceptions
  2. Discuss and evaluate preconceptions
  3. Create conceptual conflict with those preconceptions
  4. Encourage and guide conceptual restructuring

When adding a link into any forum or even your blog posts you will need to go to the alternate site wherever you will be finding the information from and copy the URL into your clipboard.  In turn this will allow you to be able to be able to copy the link into your desired post using the link button located in the top section of the message board with all the other icons. Click on this link button Up pops the dialog box copy and paste the weblink this is the URL you have previously copied. You are then able to rename the link. However once you have done this make sure you go to preview and click on the link to ensure  that you will revisit the linked item or the other persons blog. When you are linking to your friends blog ensure you use their WORDPRESS.COM URL from their webpage or from the individual blog post itself for more personalized linkage.

This process is also applied for images, however you will click on the image attachment icon and follow the same process.



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