Get with the times…

As a twenty-first generation of teaching and learning is taking place, digital technologies are becoming increasingly more popular and affordable.With a rise in mobile devices and app based learning in classrooms, students are confronted with a variety of ICT that engages them in connectivism learning opportunities. Many classrooms that I have had the privilege of working in on Professional experience, have introduced either iPad or laptop trolleys or alternatively the students have had personal laptops.

By being able to interact and use these devices increases the ability for the students to meet technology literacy goals with efficiency, whilst engaging in and being excited about learning!

The Visual arts area is probably one of the least advanced subject areas when it comes to working with and integrating ICT capabilities. However on professional experience I found it encouraging that when the students were asked to design their ‘impossible pets’ they were able to use the application on their laptop such as photoshop to collaborate the two images of their animals together. Taking body parts from each animal to create a new animal completely individual. For some this was a new concept however with the instalment of the new interactive whiteboard we were able to display the program and work through step-by-step exactly how to piece their animals together. A truly rewarding experience!

By increasing the integration of digital technologies into our lesson plans we are preparing the next generation for the proteus nature of technology and the transformation of learning 🙂  Aidan provides some research about the effective way to use ICT in PE, (which is my other subject area) however I believe these same statements by Hall and Leigh (2001) can be applied to any subject area.


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