Technology vs. Anti-social behaviour

Despite what we may all think about mobile devices at the dinner table or lunch with friends, we all do it! Digital devices such as mobile phones, iPads and laptops are digital doorways to making connections with others. Now, these connections may be vital in meeting the individuals social, emotional or economic needs by tapping into networks (Rainie & Wellman, 2012).

The use of technologies is not anti-social as we all engage socially in different means. Sure it may not be table etiquette, but it’s so instant. Anyone from anywhere in the world is able to communicate very easily to others through the click of a few buttons. Look what we are doing and achieving for this course, we’re making a blog and interacting with new technologies that have the hope of increasing our knowledge and understanding of them. In order to provide the younger generation with meaningful, engaging, transformative learning opportunities that encourage the use of ICT in our lesson planning. Interactive_whiteboard_at_CeBIT_2007

The stimulation of “learners to learn actively, independently, in a self-directed way and in collaboration with others” derives off the use of technology for the creation of innovative teaching (Kirschner & Wopereirs, 2003). Used efficiently and effectively ICT is a very useful tool for our teaching and this course is demonstrating this to me and providing me with useful ideas for the implementation of ICT’s. The following article is a great response to the use of iPods/Ipads in the classroom as most students are familiar with the device it makes for easy collaboration with teaching.

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