Mind blowing uses of ICT and Pedagogy

When we think about the use of technology it is vital that we ensure the technology in use provides real benefits to the learners. The technology should be simple and effectively used by the students to encourage higher order thinking. Current uses of ICT such as Bloom’s Taxonomy for the digital world provides the initial phraseology of Bloom’s Taxonomy’s six levels, beginning with knowledge at the lowest, then progressing through comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.


Bloom’s Taxonomy for the digital world – indicating such apps that can be put to use in the classroom in order to achieve your learning outcomes.

There is a common belief among students and pre-service teachers that in order to prepare our students for the future, we must prepare them for change. Teach them to question, think, adapt and modify elements of our teaching that encourages higher order of Bloom’s (HOT), therefore the students are gaining, learning and applying the knowledge and experience they gain through the ICT to their learning needs.

Some useful tools for pre-service Health professionals is the following link to the NSW Government website regarding Integrating ICT into PDHPE, I encourage you to look and interact with some of these apps!



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