The Technology and Teaching blend

The educational perspective the use of verbal and non verbal cues has been a majority of the communication in the classroom. Am I right? Its essential to human development and for that feeling of togetherness. However recent studies by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda (ICMPA), have shown that 75 percent of children and teenagers spend countless hours during the day with their eyes fixed on a screen (Hampton, M. 2013). For further information on this research please refer to Aidan’s blog.

It is however notable that the inclusion and use of technology within lesson planning increases the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of instructional practices through new instructional methods and learning, which ideally is our objective as educators. Therefore its unmistakably useful when creating learning opportunities for your students you try and include ICT’s in order to enhance and transform their learning.

A sample of the benefits for including digital technologies can be seen within one of my lesson plans for year 8 Visual art (Assignment 1_ Impossible pets lesson plan_CRGreen_U1056107_S1_2016). The students have been asked to design and create an impossible pet, which is two animals blended together. The students were then asked to use Photoshop to blend/ transform/ create a new ‘Impossible Pet’ using their two chosen animals. The lesson was scaffold using Powerpoint presentation slides reinforcing the objectives of the lesson and a checklist for them to complete, which ultimately maintained their attention as they had no option to wonder off task – therefore amplifying the use of technology to control classroom behaviour also.


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