On the journey to ICT-rich learning experiences

As we all start to get under way with assignment 2, there are multiple aspects that we must consider. Throughout the uni of work (UoW) that we develop we must create 3 learning experiences that include a number of activities – enriched with digital technologies! bloomwheel

In ensuring that the learning experiences align with the syllabus and move students from knowing to doing is a complex task. However, in the PE sector amplification and transformation of the learning experiences by effectively including ICTs will further the understanding and conceptual nature of the task.

A major problem with developing ideas to amplify and transform learning experiences with ICT is knowing what some of the available ICTs are that might be applicable.Bloom’s Taxonomy wheel can help spark ideas for learning experiences by looking at the arranged and aligned elements that focus on transformation of learning (Evaluating and Synthesising). The suggested resources and activities are meant to be appropriate for the verb and the level of Bloom’s taxonomy. Take a look!!


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