Developing your PCK

PCK – Pedagogical Content Knowledge and as the name alludes it is your personal pedagogy on the way you choose to deliver and engage students in the content knowledge of what they are learning.

Initial thought for Assignment 2 are :

Context: Co-educational school located 10 minutes from the beach in southern Queensland, students will be doing a unit on lifesaving and constructing presentations for the nippers at the local beach.

Class: Year 9 group – with a few students who not very confident swimmers.

Learning objectives:

Constructing Knowledge– MOVING OUR BODY


  • Propose, practise and evaluate responses in situations where external influences may impact on their ability to make healthy and safe choices (ACPPS092)
  • Plan, rehearse and evaluate options (including CPR and first aid) for managing situations where their own or others’ health, safety and wellbeing may be at short or long term risk (ACPPS091)

Access to these content descriptors can be found on this link.

Lifeguard Emergency training at Shaw

Tim Godwin, 20th Force Support Squadron, director of outdoor activities, instructs an exercise to simulate a spinal injury in the water during a lifeguard in-service emergency training class at the Woodland Pool, Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., May 31, 2012. This exercise was taught with the help of the 20th Medical Operations Squadron. On May 25, the pool opened for the swim season.


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