Evaluating an ICT-learning based activity






Student Learning Process   Student Learning is amplified by creating a mind mind map using an interactive whiteboard, with students adding their ideas and observations to the map as the lesson progresses.

This will also help to improve student attitudes and understanding of videos should be analysed.

Instructional Methods   Teacher instructional methods will be amplified, by providing the students with  more responsibility for their own learning, taking a constructivist approach to learning. Developing scenarios for the students and allowing them to discover the answer with guided assistance.  
Curriculum Goals     Students will not only learn the knowledge associated with the Australian Curriculum content descriptors but also how to use different video editing software approved by the teacher.

Brainstorming (whole class activity) associated with identifying and learning/ reinforcing how to evaluate a skill that is performed. Use of pre recorded scenarios allows students to visually look at and analyse the situation and respond to it accordingly.

Re: Year 9 HPE
by Courtney-Rae Green – Friday, 22 April 2016, 8:44 AM

In order for the students learning to be further transformed it is necessary that the students are taking the content knowledge that is learnt and then use it to transform their understandings and apply it in a new way.

This activity is transformative by allowing the students to use video recording of their own responses to a scenario to teach and demonstrate to another demographic the implications for certain rescue techniques if performed with and without equipment. They evaluate using the digital technologies as a tool to enhance their understand and radically change the way they deliver the their responses.

Aidan Blog post ‘I’m here to help! Are you finding it hard to incorporate ICT into HPE’ provides some really useful ideas for HPE teachers looking to implement ICT into their lessons!!


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