Lesson planning – do you have a plan B?

As apart of the lesson planning template we must use for assignment 3 it encourages us to make a plan B if the ICT we have chosen to use doesn’t work. Here are some questions to ask yourself when planning your lesson to ensure you have successfully completed a lesson plan that is ICT enriched and will amplify student learning! In order to maintain control in situations where ICTs may fail you should always evaluate what could go wrong? By doing so you may save yourself a lot of heart ache and class disruptions if something does end up happening to your digital technology you were going to use. Have a look at this link if you are struggling to find ways around minimal ICTs

Your planning process and plan B

  1. What ICT are available in the classroom?
  2. How reliable are they? How do they break?
  3. What strategies does your mentor currently have for dealing with those breakdowns?
  4. Are those strategies working?
  5. Are there additional steps you can take to minimise or remove the chance of failure?

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