Looking @ Assignment 3

As we all come to finishing  assignment 2 it is time to start thinking about assignment 3 because hey, its not long now until we have to go on professional experience. EEEEKK!!

So there are 4 parts to assignment 3:

A. Is your learning journal – so again we must all blog 3 times a week, making reference to others blogs and literature

B. We must also fill out our ICT statement

C. As apart of the assignment we must submit 5 ICT rich lesson plans with feedback from our mentors, as well as out own reflections

D. This section is our Essay (1000-1500 words) We must evaluate and gain insights from our learning experiences we gain from professional experience. This statement is taken from the learning path to help with the structure of the essay take a look:

  • Focus on the successes, not so successful, factors and lessons that are associated with your attempts to use ICTs to enhance student learning.

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