Bullying Vs. Cyber-bullying

How much do you think you know about bullying? We’ve all been to school, we’ve all seen it or experienced it, but how do we as future educators stop it?

Students who often take part in bullying have inflated self-esteem rather than low self-esteem

The most effective way to control bullying in a secondary school context is to not teach a student who is being bullied to use more effective social skills as it hasn’t been shown to stop a bullying situation. When a teacher focuses on just teaching the student who is being bullied social skills without first stopping the bullying, they send a message to this student that it is their fault they are being bullied because they don’t have good social skills. However, all students gain confidence from regular opportunities to learn and practise social skills. Sometimes having these skills can reduce the likelihood that a student will be bullied.

Cyber-safety is really important for all students and teachers, as password protect all our personal information and logins. It is therefore vital you don’t use your personal information on unsafe websites.


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