The social invasion norm…

As we all know the saying, big brother is watching.. just like the TV show and the movie/book 1923, theres someone watching our every move through online data collections/ depositaries. Its the social norm that we all post online whether that be Facebook, instagram, twitter, snap chat  ect, and this is posing a threat to our freedom and possibly future career endeavours.

Current technologies such as your iPhone has the ability to identify where a photo was taken, as well as a variety of other information. This information is stored in an Exchangeable image file format (Exif). In its barest form the photo will have information that includes the name of the file, the image format and the date the image was taken. If you camera/device has a GPS, the Exif information will include the latitude and longitude of where the photo was taken. Now thats an invasion of privacy! Especially if it fell into the wrong hands….

Take a look at this link establishing the danger of posting photos online about children.



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